Two Great Weeks in Torroja Spain -- December 2006!

Torroja Spain

After a month of intense planning we flew to Barcelona for a 4-month adventure. We have a brand new Renault Clio and 4 apartments leased. We wanted to live in smaller communities to experience not so touristy areas. We planned a circular route loosely around the Pyrenees but our first location was the mountain village of Torroja, southwest of Barcelona. It is in the heart of the Priorat Wine region, within an hour drive of the Mediterranean and the coastal town of Terragona, as well as so many more areas of interest. This area turns out to be very popular in the summer with rock climbers - most specifically the Japanese enthusiasts. The geography very much reminded of us Colorado, and we enjoyed many hikes exploring the Montsant area.

Our apartment had a great view of the hills. It was quiet and charming. We enjoyed meeting the owners, Montserrat & George, who were holidaying below us for a week of our visit. Montserrat's family had property in the town for several generations. Shortly after they arrived, they got the TV hooked up and we saw news of the big blizzard in Denver - quite a surprise after a week away. This apartment did not have Internet access but we were able to go to a near by Visitor Center and use the wireless there to send and receive messages. We also had GPS navigation installed in the tablet notebook, which helped us greatly when we got stuck in a roundabout in Reus, unsure of which was to return to the highway.

We explored the Ebro River area several days as well as the delta where much rice is grown. It is a huge contrast to the mountains as it is flat flat flat! We saw many wind turbines to generate electricity. Also we saw the nuclear plants along the Ebro - a decided contrast with the old Templar Castles. This region seemed to be a study of contrasts that always surprised us. Many new wineries going up next to age-old monasteries where the wine has been cultivated for centuries. The terrain is very rocky with a type of shale so the drainage is excellent. The Priorat wines are very unique deep purple-red color with a rich full-bodied flavor - quite different than other types of Spanish wines.

Our drive to our next apartment in L'Escala was going to include a visit to the Montserrat Monastery. On our drive we noticed a gentleman who seemed to be in a bit of trouble with his car. After driving by several times we stopped to see if he needed some help. He had been turning around and dropped a wheel of his car into a ditch and was pretty well unable to move it. We tried several methods of putting things underneath the wheel and trying to figure out the jack, etc. In the end he called a friend from his hometown who came up the pass and towed him out. To thank us for our efforts, he bestowed on us a case of wine from his Co-Op - more than generous. We told him he reminded us of our father and we would want someone to stop and help them if they were in the same situation. By now we had lost the desire to visit the Monastery, so we found a spot for a picnic lunch before driving on to L'Escala.

Siurana SpainSiurana Spain
Overlooking the river valley from the mountain top location of Siurana Spain and a perfect postcard day.
Torroja Area Images - Click on an image to view large version

Overlooking Barcelona

Pam on Altafulla Beach enjoying the sunshine

Torroja del Priorat our home for two weeks

Pam at Poboleda reviewing the vineyards

Henry hiking on the Monsant

Sunrise view of Montsant from our balcony

Henry at Siurana another great December day

View on the Road down to Reus

Knights Templar Castell de Miravet on Ebro River

Looking down on Ebro River from Miravet

Pam enjoying her new Lamborghini

Henry with local Ranchers after helping with their high centered car - Montserrat


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Depart Denver

British Airways

Denver - Heathrow

Flight #: BA0218

Dep: Wed 6/12/2006 18:10

Arr: Thu 7/12/2006 10:15

Duration: 9hrs 5mins

British Airways

Heathrow - Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Astoria, C/Paris

Tour Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Astoria

10:00 am Renault Eurodrive

Hotel Bel Air, Passeig Maritim, Castelldefels

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Ca l'Alemany

Key Holder: Lluisa Bretón

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Tour La Vilella Baixa & Falset

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Siurana Overlook

Lunch @ Sa de la Mussara

Reus CiberK@fe

Called L'Escala

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

La Vilella Baixa - Hike to Peu de lo Rocas (base of Montsant)

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Castell de Miravet - Templar Knights Castle

Corbera d'Ebre - Town destroyed in Civil War

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Terragona - Roman Museu Arqueològic


Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Poblet - Monestir de Poblet


Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Walk with Montserrat & George to Gratallops 14-km

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

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La Vilella Baixa - Hike to Pont Cavaloco (base of Montsant)

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Parc Nat Delta Ebre

La Cava

Sant Carles de la Ràpita

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Paint-Sketch stone bridge across Rio Siurana

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Montserrat & George left for Barcelona

Hike to Barraca del Creuetes (Montsant)

Torroja del Priorat, Spain

Paint Stone Bridge

Drive to Falset (Internet), Reus (ATM), & Carrefour (groceries)

Flix & Asco on the Rio Ebro

Iberian Poblet del Roig del Roget

Torroja del Priorat, Spain


Helped old man with his high centered car


L'Escala, Spain

#4 Passeig Mar, L'Escala

Happy Travels,

Pam and Henry