Two Great Weeks in Les Arc and the South of France During February 2007

Les Arcs France

We found the apartment in Les Arcs and it looked like an interesting location, in the middle of a restored medieval village, a pedestrian area. So we researched the area and found that it seemed to be centrally located like the hub of a wheel with something to explore in every direction. We took day trips to Monaco, St Tropez, and Nice, as well as lesser know Draguignan. We explored wineries, canyons, and cathedrals. We enjoyed the Festival of San Sebastian as well as a Mimosa Festival (flowers, not a drink) and Truffle Festivals.

The town itself was very quaint. We parked the Clio in the lot on the edge of town, which was a 10-minute walk from the apartment. It always took longer because we had to stop to buy our baguette for lunch and there was usually something happening in the main square. Coming home we also stopped at the market to get something to supplement our dinner. We carried a French shopping basket supplied in the apartment to transport our goods from home to car and back again.

Monaco was a very special day and we made a full day of it starting at the Aquarium. On the way to lunch we were sidetracked by the Classic Grand Prix autos - quite a thrill to see these cars here. We had a great lunch at a nice café, which boosted our energy for more explorations. We followed the racecourse for the most part but didn't challenge Lady Luck too much at the casinos. There is a festival here also that starts after dark and burns an old fishing boat to bring luck for the coming year.

Another great day was in Draguignan at the Citroen car show - how fun that so many of the cars had been jazzed up. And then a big French style picnic in the park with lots of wine followed by a very good band with a variety of international songs. It felt like the perfect summer day but the temps were probably upper 50's, sunny and dry. Really another two weeks of remarkable weather (we have heard the snow has not melted in Denver).

Pont du GardPont du Gard Impressionist
Impressionist view of the Pont du Gard while having a picnic lunch along the banks of the Gard River. The breeze picked-up just enough to create ripples in the calm waters.
Les Arcs France Area Images - Click on an image to view large version

Medieval walled Town of Carcassonne

Pam along the cross France Midi Canal - Carcassonne

Driving along the Gorges de Galamas - Look carefully for the truck coming our way

Henry at the Roman Pont du Gard

Pam at the Pont du Gard

Les Arcs - San Sebastián Day

Draguignan Concourse de Citroen 2CV

Pam enjoying a picnic lunch along the Côte d'Azur at Agay

Pam and Henry in Monaco

Pam Celebrating in Monaco

Henry overlooking Monaco harbor dreaming of the Grand Prix

Henry with Classic Mini Cooper at Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique


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L'Escala, Spain


L'Escala, Spain

Tour Figueres

Teatre-Museu Dalí

L'Escala, Spain

Lunch with Wendy and Stan

L'Escala, Spain

Ceramic Shopping

Re-visit Ullastret Iberian Ruins

L'Escala, Spain

Day-off & pack for France

L'Escala, Spain

Drive to France

Pont du Gard

Les Arcs, France

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San Sebastián Day Celebration

Les Arcs, France

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Gorge du Verdon

Aiguine, Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, & Riez

Les Arcs, France

Rainy Day & Trip Planning

Les Arcs, France

St. Tropez - Very Windy

Tour Grimaud

Les Arcs, France

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Les Arcs, France

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Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique

Les Arcs, France

Les Arcs - Relax

Les Arcs, France

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Aups Truffle Festival

Draguignan Concourse de Citroen 2CVl

Les Arcs, France

Foundation Maeght Museum

Visit Antibes

Les Arcs, France

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Musée Archéologique Fréjus

Agay Corniche & Cannes

Les Arcs, France

Les Arcs - Relax

Les Arcs, France

Les Arcs Salvage Yard

Les Arcs, France

Gorges de Blavet

Les Arcs, France

Aix-en-Provence, Canel de Marseille, Romain Pont St Julien, & Roussillon

Saint-Rémy, France

Gites de France

Marie-denise Tramier

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